Keep on the Borderlands

Restwell Keep

For several years, Restwell Keep served as the base of operations for a band of evil adventurers known as the Six Blades of Fortune.

In time, though, the Blades’ criminal ways caught up with them. After stealing a holy icon of Clarissa, they were tracked to the keep and defeated by Lord Peridin Drysdale, a human paladin of Clarissa. Lord Drysdale and his followers slew four of the Blades and drove off the remaining two survivors. While he had planned to leave the keep and its inhabitants to their own devices, he saw that doing so would leave the inhabitants vulnerable without the Blades’ protection. Assessing the threat posed by the Chaos Scar, he decided to remain in the keep as its new ruler. The guards and administrators who ran the village under the Blades’ rule are still in place, and Drysdale plans to organize expeditions into the Scar to defeat the evil that dwells there.

1. Main Gate
Guards armed with bows and crossbows watch the entrance from towers above. Visitors must provide names, professions and business.
Fallek, corporal of the watch: A grouchy, pushy veteran soldier.
Syradon: Wears a symbol of Zev on a silver chain. He never speaks, but keeps meticulous records.

2. Towers
30 feet tall, crowned by battlements and equipped with a ballista and light catapult.

2A. Bailiff's Tower
Kendon Longstrider: Collects taxes from adventurers and merchants. He keeps his long mustache carefully waxed and trimmed.

2B. Captain's Tower
Gorn Hammerfall: Captain of the watch, likes to play games of chance at The Stumbling Giant

3. Stables
Stables cost 2 silver per day, per mount. A staff of six tends the mounts.

4. Warehouse
Merchants and travelers with wagons filled with goods keep their wares here while they remain in the keep.

5. Smithy
The smith crafts horseshoes, weapons and armor.
Bergen: A devotee of Kava Frosthowl, he relies on his knowledge of metals rather than brute strength.

6. Provisioner and Trader

These two shops are very close, and the two owners do not like each other.
Grelda: An elderly human woman who deals in herbs, food and perishable goods.
Bosco Heldam: Overweight human who deals almost exclusively with adventurers.

7. Private Apartments
Rent an apartment at a rate of 10 gold per week. Most consist of a bedroom, a sitting room, and a storage area.

7A. Jewel Merchant's Apartment
Quint Spiregleam: A young gnome eager to buy up jewels and art objects recovered by adventurers.

7B. Priest
Benwick: A priest of all three of the new gods lives here with his two acolytes.

8. Loan Bank
The bank can loan up to 200 gold at a time, with a 10% interest rate per week. Any loan requires collateral worth at least the full value of the loan.
Ferdinand Ronnik: Rumor has it that Ferdinand acquired his wealth through a career as a thief.

9. Fountain Square
The fountain has never run dry, and as far as anyone can tell, is a magical source of unlimited water. Merchants from distant lands sometimes set up shop here.

10. Travelers Inn
Has five small common rooms for rent and a large common room that can fit up to a dozen guests. A private room sleeps four and costs 1 gold per night, while a night in the common room costs 1 silver.
Nerrin Silverhand: human, who is cheap, greedy and easily angered.

11. The Stumbling Giant
The lone tavern in the keep.
Mother Aran: Generous and friendly, she sees herself as a grandmother to all who come in to her tavern.

12. Saruun Guildhouse
The mages of Saruun stay here, and seek trade with creatures of distant or dangerous realms.
Citirian: A mage and master of the guildhouse. Wears a silver mask and long, sky blue robes. Speaks in a tone barely louder than a whisper.

13. Chapel of Zev
Chendera: Half Elf high priestess. Does not like Lord Drysdale. Followers of Zev are expected to donate 10% of their wealth every year. She has an imp called NightKeeper who has a reputation as something of a troublemaker.

14. The Inner Bailey
The inner bailey is the seat of Lord Drysdale’s power. It is divided into several areas, described below.

14A. Inner Gatehouse
The inner gatehouse is much like a miniature fortress perched in the middle of the keep. Should invaders breach the outer bailey, the inner gatehouse serves as another line of defense.
Garrick Blackoak: Sergeant of the guard, a tough veteran of many battles against evil. Garrick has gotten into a few brawls at The Stumbling Giant and is unpopular with the keep's residents. He is considered rude, easily angered, and very loyal to Lord Drysdale.

14B. Inner Courtyard
This large, grassy field serves as a parade ground for Drysdale's forces. His men train here during the day.

14C. Stables
Lord Drysdale plans on building up a formidable cavalry force.

14D. Fortress
This heavily fortified structure is the final line of defense for the keep. Its' towers reach 60 feet in height, while the main door is crafted of iron.
Lord Drysdale: A nearly 50 year old paladin of Clarissa. He sees the keep as a seed that can bloom into a gleaming bastion of civilization.
Elessan: Elven cleric of Clarissa, Drysdale's second in command. He is kind and just.