Keep on the Borderlands

9. Hammer and Nails

11/17/10: I didn't scale it down and the characters handled it quite well in their first session at 2nd level. 

RPGA Sanctioning #:    10-10-2499715

Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Varian - Eladrin Mage 

The adventurers had killed off Ronnik, leader of the cult of tiamat. Some of the heroes wondered if Ronnik had been brainwashed, but it was a question for another day. Benwick, Sal and Gordi retired to their homes. The heroes agreed to have dinner with Benwick later that night. 

The heroes made their way through the keep. As they neared the main drawbridge, they heard arguing. Fallek and his silent aide Syradon seemed to be refusing entry to someone on the far side.  Fallek said: "there's no way I'm letting you in with a dead donkey."

A sagely voice replied: "It's not dead, it's sick! I need to heal it!"

the heroes stopped and listened, unsure if they should do anything. Fallek asked him where he was from.

"I already told you! I'm from Dunnwyn, City of Thieves!.

Fallek said "that's another reason we shouldn't let you in."

Hirbe asked Moxulhar to fly up and get a look at the traveler. She did. Fallek noticed her, and at first was shocked, and then the remnants of Hirbe's brainwashing kicked in. He murmured, "The dragon.. means us no harm. The dragon is welcome here."

The traveler spotted her and said, "Egad, you have a dragon! That's a much better mount than a donkey! Please! Please let me in."

Moxulhar flew back down to Hirbe and said "He's portly, but he seems nice. His donkey is very ill. He's dragging his donkey on the ground."

Hirbe wanted to let him be. They heard him say to Fallek "You can't let me sleep in the Chaos Scar! It's full of chaos! And the donkey will make me sick!" But it was to no avail. The heroes heard him plod away dragging his donkey.

Eldeth decided to try to help. She climbed up the wall where Fallek and Syradon were.  Fallek said "Guards only, lady." She called out to the mage dragging the donkey.

She asked him if he needed help. He said he did. She told the wizard she would go get a healer for his donkey. She headed across the keep to the churh of Clarissa.

Varian created a spectral image to distract Fallek. A man-sized version. He appeared and menaced Fallek. Fallek stepped in front of Syradon. Francis squatted and ate spectral poop as Fallek shouted threats. Finally, he swung his blade through Francis, and the image faded away. 

Eldeth returned with a healer. The healer was allowed outside. She determined that the donkey was going to die. She tried to kill it quietly, but it didn't die. Meanwhile the wizard began to talk with Moxulhar, and they immediately became friends. Merric came over and finished off the donkey.

The portly wizard thanked the heroes, and introduced himself as Bolios Whittish. He was let into the keep. The heroes accompanied him to his destination - the Guildhouse of the Mages of Saruun.

When the heroes entered, the masked wizards trembled. The heroes took advantage of their discount obtained by Zev, God of Night.The adventurers bought many healing potions.They cut a deal with the wizards. They'd get live akaname for them in exchange for a bag of holding.

Moxulhar continued to chat with Bolios.

Nanako reminded the heroes that her people were assaulting the akaname soon. All but Merric headed down to the akaname lair. Merric decided to stay at the guildhouse.

The lair was down in the sewers. 100 tiny samurai riding mice mustered at the edge of the akaname's home - a small side tunnel where sewage collected in a pool. About 75 akaname gathered there in nests of filth, devouring the sewage.

The samurai pulled down boards that blocked the entrance and rushed into the room on their mouse mounts. Their leader wore white armor, and rode an eagle into the chamber. 

A few akaname set up a poo catapult, and fired it at Hirbe. Francis tried to leap across and catch it in his mouth, but he fell short and landed in the sewage. Hirbe was struck in the face with the nasty stuff. Hirbe began to projectile vomit. Akaname ran over to taste it.

An akaname teleported onto eldeth's shoulders and wrapped a thin wire around her neck. It choked her out, knocking her unconscious.

Another akaname teleported onto Varian's face to bite out his eye. Varian quickly magic missiled it, destroying it before it could bite.

Hirbe saw three akaname firing blasts at Francis in the sewage. Hirbe heroically dove in, taking the shots for Francis.  Francis smiled at Hirbe and began to lick the poo off his face. He said, "Friend!".

Eldeth awoke to find Nanako fighting three akaname on her leg. Eldeth grabbed her axe and swiped. Nanako leapt as the axe cleaved her enemies in two. 

Hirbe pulled out his pack and tried to scoop up a bunch of akaname. He got one (he rolled a d20to see how many he got, rolled a one heh heh).

Varian roared and stomped on the akaname, squashing many.  They ran in terror of his giant feet.

Eldeth saw they had only one akaname. She lined up her enemies carefully, then charged and did a forward roll, sending ten flying (akaname bowling~).  They scooped them up as the samurai killed the rest.

Hirbe pointed to his poo-stained face and said "Francis, have your way with me". He began to slurp. 

Francis grabbed Nanako's dead husband's helmet and threw it to her. As she bent over to pick it up, he looked at  her butt and gave Varian a thumbs up and said "Hey!". Varian smiled proudly.

The samurai got into formation and bowed to the heroes, thanking them for their aid. They owed the heroes a debt of honor. 

the adventurers returned to the guildhouse of Saruun and traded for the bag of holding.

They met up with Merric and headed to Benwick's for dinner. It turned out he had another proposition for them. He wanted them to head below the city and secure some treasure buried there by a dwarf who died long ago. The dwarf was an ancestor of Gorn Hammerfall, who was a guard in the city. Gorn was at the dinner. 

They asked the heroes to brave the traps protecting the treasure. They could keep the magic items, but had to split the gold. Benwick handed them some healing poultices and the serpent's eye (which had various powers, including granting a saving throw). 

The heroes agreed to make the excursion just before dawn. Varian went and met up with Sal, where some lackluster and awkward hugging took place. Sal didn't care about the bad hug, she was devoted to her eladrin love interest.

The next day, Gorn led the heroes below the keep to the dungeon entrance. The heroes stepped inside. The first chamber was dominated by a statue of a dwarf. There were spikes coming out of the walls. The adventurers slowly made their way toward the statue, with Merric's eyes peeled for traps. He saw a control panel at the base of the statue. Varian used a mage hand to open it. 

The statue began to spin, its' flail coming dangerously close. They noticed the statue was holding a key. Three hammerers and a stone-throwing harrier emerged from the walls and attacked!

Eldeth charged a hammerer and swung, creating a massive dent in the construct's hide. Hirbe cast a phantasmal assault spell that tore a hole in the hammerer. 

The statue swung and cracked Merri int he side with its' flail. The hammerers closed in, bloodying Varian and Merric. Merric scampered to the side and stabbed the injured hammerer, destroying it.

Varian teleported back, and focused on the statue. He began to draw the energy out of it (He needed three successes to shut it down). Eldeth passed a potion to Merric, and charged another hammerer, denting it. Hirbe teleported next to Varian.

The statue swung again, but this time Merric ducked the flail. He rolled into a flank with Eldeth and tore a hole in the hammerer. The harrier took aim and fired stones that struck Eldeth. Eldeth tore the hammerer down with her axe.

Varian continued to focus on the statue, and drained all of the energy from it, shutting it down. 

Hirbe took aim and struck the hammerer and the harrier with a spell. He sent one into a wall spike, further injuring it. The hammerer stumbled forward and grabbed Eldeth with its' pincer. Then it swiveled and pushed her into a wall spike, impaling the poor dwarf. She was hurt badly. 

Varian blasted the hammerer with a spell. Eldeth sliced it with her axe and escaped its' grab. Hirbe cast a burning hands spell that melted the hammerer down. The heroes then softened up the harrier for Eldeth, who charged it and cut it in half with an incredible swing of the axe (a critical for 27 points of damage!). 

The heroes rested for a few moments, grabbed the key off the statue, and continued on....