Keep on the Borderlands

7. Dragon Aerie

11/3/10: Looks like we may continue this campaign after the encounters thing ends!We can just jump right into the Chaos Scar. Jon, who normally plays Merric, wasn't here. But we had a new player named Jerry who jumped in and ran our trusty halfling rogue. In the logo is a picture of Sal, by request. She has seashells on her boobs.

RPGA Sanctioning #:    10-10-2499715

Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Tornam - Dwarf Cleric
Varian - Eladrin Mage

The heroes rested after fighting the kobolds and their fire rune. Gloomhandler again told everyone it was self-evident that that Merric deserved more treasure. Then she looked at Francis and said "What a monstrosity."

Varian grabbed his little poop-eating demon, who was staring salaciously at the little imp.  He threw Francis at her. As he soared through the air, he opened his arms wide hoping to give her a big hug. She easily dodged.

Francis crashed to the ground. His samurai helmet fell off. He picked it up and put it on.

Gloomhandler called out Nanako and pointed at the helmet. She asked, "isn't that your helmet over there?"

Nanako saw that the poop-eater was wearing her dead husband's helmet. She drew her blade and began to climb down Hirbe's robes. Hirbe grabbed her and told her "Now is not the time."

One their wounds were bandaged, the adventurers saw two routes that led up - Stairs and a lift. Hirbe checked out the lift, and felt it would make a lot of noise. He thought it would be a good idea to have Merric climb up and peek into the room upstairs. Hirbe hoisted him up, but the shaft walls were smooth an Merric couldn't get a handhold.

So instead they asked GloomHandler to go heck it out. Varian wanted to grab her and throw her up there. She was nervous and said "Master, what if there's a monster up there that eats me?"

Merric said "Well, you have wings. You could fly away, couldn't you?"

She got choked up. She said "I'll try to display just a fraction of the courage you displayed in the last battle. Zev please watch over me." She flew up the shaft, took a peek and flew back down. She whispered what she saw to Merric.

She had spotted a dragonborn and two kobolds up there. She also saw some kind of monster lurking in a shadowy corner.

"It's quite monstrous", she said. 

Hirbe and Merric took the stairs.  Tornam, Eldeth and Varian took the noisy lift. The idea was that the monsters would rush the heroes on the lift, allowing Merric and Varian to jump them from the side.

The lift rose up into the room and the dragonborn and the two kobolds charged the dwarves on the lift. From the shadowy corner came a copper dragon the size of a large dog. She flapped over to the center of the room, watching and talking in her feminine voice.

Hirbe burst out of the stairwell door and cast a burning hands spell that hit all of the creatures, injuring them badly (14 points to each of them!). Merric flung a dagger at the nearest kobold and buried a dagger in its' chest, causing blood to spew forth.

Gloomhandler praised Merric's perfect aim. Merric said "Nobody likes a suck up." She apologized and hid in his shirt.

From the lift, Varian cast a beguiling strands spell that sent the monsters staggering back. The un-bloodied kobold stumbled into a fiery brazier and burned himself. The copper dragon dipped into a water pool, and was bothered by how chilly it was. Varian decided he wanted to keep the dragon as a "mascot".

Tornam charged the burning kobold and rushed its' skull with his warhammer, killing it.

the other kobold pulled the dagger out of its' chest and used it to stab Hirbe in the groin! Then the dragon closed in on the heroes and breathed a blast of acid on them! The heroes reeled from the deadly attack. The dragon followed up by biting Hirbe and dropping him unconscious.

Merric flung his dagger at the dragon (and hit with a critical). Varian hit the dragonborn and the remaining kobold with arc lightning, killing the kobold. Tornam cast a healing spell on Varian, circled the dragonborn and killed it with his hammer. Only the dragon remained. Their plan had worked quite well. 

They tried to urge her to stop, but the dragon asked why she would do that when she was nearly unharmed? Eldeth was fine with that. She closed in on the dragon and leveled her with a mighty blow from her axe. The dragon bit the dwarf, dropping her to the ground, dying. Then she flew over to Hirbe and swiped him with her law. He fell in a pool of his own blood, dying.

She said, "do you see how strong I am? A-ha-ha-ha!"

Varian hit her with beguiling strands, knocking her into a burning brazier. She began to bleed.

Tornam healed Hirbe with his last heal spell. Then he rushed the dragon and struck it with his hammer. The dragon bit at him, but missed. Then she flew at Merric and dropped him with a swipe of her law. 

Hirbe, healed, called out for her to stop, but the copper dragon was certain she could defeat the heroes, though she was badly injured. He got to his feet and hit her with more beguiling strands. Tornam charged her. She backed into her cage, where her treasure horde was.

Hirbe took aim and fired a magic missile through the bars, dropping her.

Many of the heroes were on the ground, dying. Varian raced past them and pulled out the healing poultice that Benwick had given the heroes (in the first session). 

Varian pumped on the dragon's chest, resuscitating her. Then he poured the poultice down her throat (giving her a total of 26 hit points back). Hirbe helped him.

Tornam was able to bring Merric to consciousness. Eldeth sprung up from death's door of her own accord. She said she was bored (she rolled a 20 on a death save). 

The dragon came to and looked up at Varian.  Se said, "You saved me! You saved my life!"

Varian asked "So will you join us?"

"Just.. don't kill me. I can't believe I almost died! It was so terrible! That herbal poultice was delicious." Hirbe came over and further bandaged her wounds.

She got up and checked her treasure horde and made sure it was all there: 2 magic items, a gem worth 100 gold, and a healing potion. She promptly drank the healing potion. Tornam and Eldeth watched, not pleased at all. Also in the horde was the gem Benwick hired them to obtain - The Serpent's Eye.

GloomHandler whispered, "This is appalling master! Let's kill that thing and take all the treasure!"

Merric agreed. He whispered, "It has to sleep sometime..."

The dragon said "My name is Moxulhar" She looked at Varian and asked "What's your name, my hero? My... savior?"

He said "I'm Varian. And this is Francis." Francis was rifling through a pile of filth, looking for kobold droppings. 

Merric sat in a corner, looking at all the treasure, trying not to cry.

Hirbe asked her  what she knew. She said she had recently begun working for Ronnik. She was open to joining the heroes assuming they let her free. The heroes agreed to carry her treasure horde in Varian's bag. Hirbe offered to carry some too. Varian made sure The Serpent's Eye was in his bag.

There was a weird symbol on The Serpent's Eye. Hirbe knew it was the symbol of Zehir - a snake god. 

She told Hirbe "My name is Moxulhar. My friends - such as yourself - call me 'Mox'.