Keep on the Borderlands

4. Well Watch

10/13/10: I caught up on this summary about a month later.  Good thing I record these~

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Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Rolf - Dragonborn Barbarian
Tornam - Dwarf Cleric
Varian - Eladrin Mage

The heroes had just fought elementals who were burning Ronnik's bank. Ronnik allegedly was putting together a cult devoted to resurrecting Tiamat. The heroes and Sal, the halfling spy, found a map to what might be a hideout.

It was getting late, and i was raining. Sal needed to head to her room at the inn to rest. Varian went with her, intent on some sweet hugging action (because we play in a public space, all romantic encounters must be reduced to hand-holding and maybe a grope).  Sal headed to the side of the building and scampered up the side and climbed into her window. She looked down, waiting for the mage to follow.

Varian tried and was unable to limb the sheer, wet wall. Sal sighed and lowered him a rope. Varian was able to climb the rope with ease.

Meanwhile, the rest of the adventuring party was in the burned-out bank. NightKeeper, the imp sidekick of the head priestess of the church of Zev, flew in. He looked around and said "Oh! You started a fire! That's so awful.." he flitted his eyes from side to side. "I could tell everyone..."

Hirbe said "Actually, good NightKeeper, we just put the fire out to save this fine establishment."

Nightkeeper was bored with that answer. "Oh that's wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that there's some guards who worship Clarissa on their way here. Maybe you could get in a fight with them or something, I don't know... that would be awful! But I could tell you where they're coming from and you could get the jump on them."

"What if we went in the other direction?", asked Hirbe.

"Running away?! That'd be the act of a coward. You look like heroes to me... Zev would be most disappointed if you ran away."

Hirbe said, "As much respect as I have for noble Zev..."

They were interrupted by shouts from outside. The guards of the keep had arrived. Nightkeeper informed the heroes that all of the guards worshiped Clarissa, and that they'd likely try to get the heroes to join the church as well. To join, you have to duel one of the guards and bloody them.

Nightkeeper flew out and addressed the guards. "Oh, hello nerds. You're way too late. These heroes already took are of it. They're good samaritans! Come on out, friends!"

The heroes reluctantly stepped out into the rain. There were six guards in all. One introduced himself as Garrick Blackoak. The other was an elven cleric of Clarissa called Elessan. The heroes told the guards what happened, but left out their suspicions of Ronnik's possible involvement with the Tiamat cult. 

the guards were impressed. They offered to have the heroes duel them. Winners would be able to join the Church of Clarissa, and would be given a holy symbol that would allow them to call on her in times of need.

Back at the inn... Sal fed Varian some bread. She said, "Why don't you tell me about yourself? You're so cute..." (and thus, Varian entered a skill challenge. A skill challenge - of seduction~!).

Varian made up a story about saving a village from a giant reptile. An eight foot tall lizard that breathed fire and ate babies! Varian defeated it by making it eat its' own tail while it was still attached.

Sal was amazed by this tale, saying "You're so strong and powerful!"

Back in the rain, Eldeth dueled a guard. She charged the guard and struck him with her axe... bloodying him in a single shot. Nightkeeper flew up to Eldeth's ear and said "Pull down his pants! Reject his offer and join Zev!". Eldeth declined.

Varian had impressed Sal with his story. He then tried to get her drunk on wine, by quietly dumping his drink in a plant while she drank up after up. But the perceptive halfling saw what the eladrin was doing. She frowned and said "If you didn't want to drink you should have just said so."

Hirbe proceeded to duel a guard. The guard closed in and slashed him, bloodying the mage in a single blow. Elessan the cleric knelt down next to Hirbe and said "Don't worry friend, you'll get another chance".

Merric decided to duel too. He faced off against the guard.  Merric slashed at the guard, and the guard swiped back. Neither blow drew blood. Merric stabbed again, bloodying him. The guards shouted "huzzah!"

Nightkeeper flew up and whispered "Why not embarrass him? Pull down his pants, let's see his weiner!"

Merric thought about it as the guards held out a symbol for Clarissa. He pulled down the guard's pants, humiliating him. The other guards recoiled at the shame. Merric had rejected them. Nightkeeper was delighted and told Merric to visit the church later for his holy symbol, and to receive his own imp. 

Tornam dueled a guard as well, racking him in the head with his lightning-harged hammer. The guard reeled but swung back feebly at the dwarf. Tornam bashed him in the head, bloodying him. Nightkeeper flew over, and Tornam batted him away. "Scoundrel!" he shouted. Tornam accepted his symbol of Clarissa.

Things weren't going so well back at the inn. The hug was surely in doubt. Varian called upon one of the prime deities for aid. She was Fra, a goddess of romance and healing (who was pretty prominent way back in the Crystal Bitter campaign). He quietly offered up a prayer to Fra for aid.

Suddenly, Sal's wine began to glow. When she drank from it, she began to shiver slightly. She made a weird noise. And then the hugging began...

The next day the heroes regrouped. The map pointed to ruins around a well outside of the keep. The heroes journeyed there and checked out the ruins. As they snooped around, a trap was sprung! Kobolds bearing tattoos of Tiamat attacked!

Merric flung a knife into a kobold bearing a shield, injuring it. The kobolds flung javelins at Eldeth. One pierced her skin. A kobold rushed her, and tried to kick Eldeth in the groin. Being a lady dwarf, she was unaffected.

Hirbe teleported away from the kobolds and cast beguiling strands, killing three of them! Hirbe used his mage hand to slap the face of the kobold who tried to kick Eldeth's nether-regions. 

Varian cast an arc of lightning that bloodied the groin-kicker. Merric crept up and buried a dagger in the kobold's back to finish it off.

Another kobold came at Eldeth. It stabbed her and she fell to the ground, dying. Tornam took a massive cut as well. Tornam healed Eldeth with magi, and then healed himself.

Hirbe cast a font of flame spell that killed two more kobolds. The kobolds' numbers were rapidly depleting. One shouted to the others in draconic. Rolf, a dragonborn, understood what they said: "Retreat to Dragontooth Hill!".  Rolf chased down the kobold who was running and cut it down. Eldeth killed another with a javelin of her own.

Tornam killed another kobold as Hirbe closed in on a kobold with a sling. The slinger tried to fling glue at his feet but missed. Varian hit the slinger with an arc lightning. The slinger watched in dismay as Tornam killed the last of its' allies with thundering steel.

Rolf, bloodied from battle, rushed the kobold. The kobold pulled out a stinkpot and flung it at the barbarian. Hirbe jumped in its' path and took the hit for Rolf. Eldeth then charged and killed the slinger.

Hirbe used his mage hand to clean up the stink, and found that the stink somehow stuck to his mage hand.

The heroes saw no sign of Ronnik, but they had a clue as to where to look next - Dragontooth Hill.