Keep on the Borderlands

3. Rush to Ronnik's

10/6/10: Catching up on some summaries I missed~!

Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Kaname - Thief
Merric - Halfling Thief (played by Dave, who'd later play Rolf)
Tornam - Dwarf leric
Varian - Eladrin Mage

The heroes had been ambushed at Fountain Square in the keep. The adventurers had defeated their assailants, and were bandaging their wounds in the rain. Benwick's spy, a female halfling called Sal, approached them. She whispered "I'm the spy!"

"Never would have guessed!" said Kaname.

"Maybe I could patch somebody's wounds..." she said.

Varian liked the looks of the young lady. He said, "I have a broken heart." (He rolled a diplomacy and got a 20!)

Sal said "Oh that's so sad!". She walked over to Varian and touched his chest. "Maybe I can mend it...". She flirted with Varian while the other heroes rolled their eyes. She looked around and said "I need to be careful, I can't have anyone see me with you guys. I'm supposed to be working with Ronnik."

Little Nanako was standing on Hirbe's shoulder. Kaname and Merric noticed that the stray cat was creeping down a nearby rooftop, almost ready to pounce on their little samurai friend. Kaname burst out laughing and pointed it out.

The cat was about to leap when Merric flung a dagger and killed it. The cat's corpse slid down the roof and plopped unceremoniously to the ground.

climbed down Hirbe's body and stood before Merric, and bowed. She said "I owe you a debt of honor" and climbed up his pants. She made her way into the halfling's backpack.

Varian and Sal talked for a bit. Varian agreed to meet her at midnight at her room in the inn.

Then, the heroes saw smoke and flames coming from Ronnick's bank. Sal guessed that Ronnik was destroying evidence. The heroes raced there. the windows were barred. They tried the doors - but they were locked. They could hear strange crackling laughter from inside.

Tornam stepped up and tried to bash the door in, but it wouldn't budge. Kaname and Nanako helped Merric pick the lock. It swung open. Inside were a handful of fire creatures wandering about, with a lone water elemental among them.

The heroes also spotted a magic circle on the ground pulsing with energy. The elementals pulsed in tune with the power of the circle. Hirbe felt that he might be able to disable the circle by drawing magic out of it. A thief could also smudge out the runes if he were... skillful.... enough.

Kaname raced into the room and fired an arrow at a fire elemental with his shortbow. It shrieked and spewed smoke from the nasty wound. He fired off a second shot at another elemental, causing it also to spew smoke.

Fire elementals surged forward and swung at Kaname and missed. Others made their way to the doorway and singed Merric. The water elemental attacked Kaname, but the nimble thief dodged. As the fire elementals moved, they set fire to the floor and walls. Kaname was in the corner and surrounded by fire. He was being scorched by the many blazes.

Merric slashed back at the fire elemental, injuring it. Then he backed away outside the bank. Hirbe cast beguiling strands and struck one of the elementals, knocking it back ten feet. Varian focused on the circle and, with Hirbe's aid, drew some of the energy out of the circle and into himself.

Eldeth berserk-charged into the burning bank and slashed an elemental, destroying it! The thing let out a squeal and flamed out, becoming little more than a wisp of grey.

Kaname was amidst the elementals, who continued to lash out at him. The nearby fires further scorched him. His tunic was ablaze! He backed away and fired off his short bow, hitting another fire elemental, injuring it greatly. The elementals surrounded the thief, but he expertly dodged the attacks.

The water elemental punched Eldeth in the gut, tenderizing her inner organs. Merric approached a badly injured fire elemental. Merric destroyed it with a stab. Hirbe cast a phantasmal spell, sending the water elemental reeling.

Varian was outside. He clambered onto a bench and peered through the barred window. He cast an arcing lightning at two elementals who were burning Kaname. The lightning hit one of them. It shrieked and dissipated.

Tornam charged in with his lightning-charged hammer and struck the water elemental, almost turning it into a puddle. Eldeth was burned by the fires. Kaname stepped through a fire and was further burned. He hopped up onto a bed and fired an arrow, missing an elemental.

The water elemental let out a wave of scalding water at the dwarves. Both Eldeth and Tornam stood strong. Tornam used the water to clean out his beard a bit. Kaname was hit with more fire.

Kaname was on the bed and fading fast (he'd have one hit point left at the start of his turn). Merric stabbed the water elemental, nearly finishing it off.

Hirbe took aim and cast beguiling strands, sending the water elemental into the blazing fires, putting one of them out. Varian's arc lightning missed the lone remaining fire elemental. Tornam cast a healing word, healing many of Kaname's burns. The dwarf then charged the fire elemental and destroyed it.

Kaname fired his bow and destroyed the water elemental, turning into a puddle which put out some nearby fires.

The enemies were defeated. Tornam began to put out fires. Kaname used a rug to put out more. Sal popped her head in and began to snoop around the bank. She found singed papers inside the desk. among the papers was a map of a "Well hideout". She thought that perhaps Ronnik had fled there....

The heroes found some gems and gold. Hirbe also found a magic wand.