Keep on the Borderlands

15. Honor Guard

12/29/10: I knew this would be a tough encounter, but I didn't scale it down for four. I figured seeing how Zach and David had just played through the encounter once already, and the fact that the characters had a bunch of tiny little NPCs who could dump potions in their mouths if they went down, and they could always call on their god, that they'd have a decent chance....

RPGA Sanctioning #:    10-10-2499715

Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Rolf - Dragonborn Barbarian
Varian - Eladrin Mage

The adventurers continued to hunt for Benwick and his black dragons. They had set a forest fire,which disrupted a lizardman ambush. Now it seemed they had found the lair of some lizardfolk who were likely part of Benwick's army...

The path ended at two standing stones like those the heroes had been following. Within the clearing were the remnants of a roof-less stone building with deteriorating walls engraved with vague reptilian or draconic images. A 10 foot tall stone dais set in the center of the area supported six worn statues of what could have been dragonborn warriors. 

A crude stone dolman, like an altar, stood before a short stairway that ascended to the platform. At the top of the steps was a massive lizardman that had glistening black scales and a large club.

Another muscular lizardman, this one with green scales, stood atop a mass of tumbled building stones farther to the east. The heroes crept from the swampy forest to the edge of the dais, and were spotted by the giant black-scaled lizardman. He let out a shout and called forth more allies from nearby - another green-scaled bruiser and two acid-spitting drakes!

Merric climbed the dais and threw a dagger into the black-scale's back. He roared in pain and anger. He swatted the halfling with his tail, knocking Merric to the ground. A green scale raced up to Varian and hit him hard with a club. The drakes positioned themselves behind the southern wall and spit acid. Rolf was hit, as was Merric. The rogue fell to the ground... dying! Gloomhandler emerged from his vest, frantically searching him for a potion of healing... he had none.

Hirbe placed a potion on the ground and called for Gloomhandler to retrieve it. Then he teleported onto the dolman and cast beguiling strands, hitting all three lizardmen. The black scale and one green scale fell prone on the dais. The third was sent crashing into a rock. Hirbe immediately cast the spell again (action point) and hit all three once more.

Varian teleported next to Hirbe and did the exact same thing - cast a pair of beguiling strands spells. When he was done, both green scales were bloodied, and one was lying on a net that covered a pit that lead underground.

Rolf charged a drake, who dodged his swipe. It backed up, dodging another swing, and spit acid on the dragonborn. Gloomhandler swiftly flew, snatched up the potion and brought it to Merric's body.

A bloodied green scale who had been sent crashing into a boulder over and over stumbled to Varian and crushed him with his club, knocking him off the dolman. Varian was down and dying. The black scale rose up and stomped over to Hirbe and clubbed the eladrin, knocking him off the dolman as well. the other drake spit acid at Hirbe, who fell to the ground.. dying.

Only Rolf was still on his feet! He charged the black scale, who blocked his swing. Then the black scale struck him with his club, killing Rolf with a massive blow (doing 25 points! Rolf was dead-dead).

Nanako, the tiny samurai, climbed out of Hirbe's gear and fed him one of his two potions of healing. Glommhandler woke Merric with the other potion.

Varian stumbled to his feet, and was hit with acid. Merric got up, but was clubbed by the green scale on the netting. He was killed (dead-dead!).

Hirbe frantically grabbed Varian's body and dragged it into the woods. The drakes spit acid at him. The first spray hit a nearby tree. The second hit Hirbe square in the chest, killing him...

The heroes had perished. Luckily for them, help was on the way....