Keep on the Borderlands

14. Lizardfolk Lookouts

12/29/10: This one was supposed to be run on 12/22, but we didn't have enough people to play it. So I ran it this week as a quick skill challenge deal before encounter 15.
RPGA Sanctioning #:    10-10-2499715

Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Rolf - Dragonborn Barbarian
Varian - Eladrin Mage

The adventurers were on the trail of Benwick, who was using the Serpent's Eye to convince two black dragons to aid his planned attack on the Keep of the Borderlands.

The sound of running water became clear, and the heroes emerged on the banks of a wide stream that followed the trail. A heron squawked and took flight as they came to a clearing. Woods lined the clearing, whih had two ponds in it, as well as a fallen tree and two standing stones. The trail continued southward beyond the clearing.

Lurking in the trees nearby were eight lizardfolk. Four readied their blowguns, two prepared to cast spells, and the last two hefted their javelins. Once the heroes began to cross the clearing, the lizardfolk ambushed them!

A series of poison darts flew at Merric. The halfling tried to dodge and return fire, but he was too late. The darts plunged into his body and he staggered back. 

Rolf ducked a javelin as a lizardfolk magi began to chant. The magi cast a spell that began to infuse Varian's blood with poison. Before the magi could finish chanting, the eladrin ast an arc lightning spell that disrupted the magi and set many of the trees on fire. The lizardmen shrieked as the trees they lurked in caught ablaze.

Hirbe decided to... add fuel to the fire... and cast burning hands on the higher branches of the trees. The lizardmen suddenly found themselves in a raging inferno.

Merric raced forward, hoping to slit some throats. But fiery branches crashed near him. He was surrounded by a ring of fire. Rolf rushed forth and stepped through the blaze, grabbing the halfling and carrying him to safety.

Varian watched as the fire spread and singed the lizardmen, whose ambush had gone horribly wrong. He thought it might be nice to help them out, so he started to urinate on a nearby fire. Francis, his trusty poop demon, teleported down and began to drink his master's pee, thus negating Varian's efforts.

Hirbe bravely ran forward, placing himself in between all of the lizardmen. He mockingly drank from his waterskin, trying to anger them as they struggled in the blaze. They shouted in anger and fired off darts, javelins and spells. Hirbe dodged. The javelins, darts and spells ended up missing the mage and hitting the lizardfolk. They all dropped dead.

The heroes patted Hirbe on the back, marveled at the fire, and then continued on...