Keep on the Borderlands

10. Keep Away

11/24/10: Thanksgiving is tomorrow. We barely filled  the table. John Reilly and Brendan jumped in.

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Hirbe - Eladrin Mage
Killvilli - Dwarf Fighter
Malkyr - Drow Hexblade
Varian - Eladrin Mage

 The adventurers were after the hidden treasure beneath the keep on the borderlands. They'd already bested some of the traps left by the dwarf Greysen Ramthane. They rested for a few minutes, and then entered the next room.

The chamber contained a shallow pool in its' center. A blue glow issued from the water, shedding dim light over the room. Something sparkled in the pool's far end.

Dwarven runes, similar to those in the last room, lined the walls around the ledge. Two staircases close to the heroes ascended to the ledge. At the far side of the room, the adventurers could see the top of another pair of stone doors.

Killvilli boldly crossed the room and looked at the doors. Hirbe looked around for traps nearby, and saw none. He saw that the water was three feet deep in the pool. He couldn't make out what it was.

Killvilli saw that there were two keyholes in the door. The heroes had obtained an iron key in the previous room. It appeared they'd need a second key. He let his allies know.

 Varian said "Let's stick the dwarf in the second hole." Killvilli took exception to this.

Hirbe said "Try your finger."

Killvilli stuck a finger in each hole. He felt a pinch... and then heard a click. He'd picked both locks! The doors were open (he rolled a 20 on his thievery check!). 

Messing with the locks had activated the room's guardians. Figures emerged from the walls. Three stone humanoids fashioned to look like dwarf warriors with spiked fists stepped forth, along with an oversized crossbow with legs and a little imp made of clay.

Hirbe made his way onto the stairs and hit one of the dwarf stone defenders with a phantasmal assault spell, injuring it. Then he cast ghost sound, making it sound like the arbalester (crossbow) was arming itself to fire at it.

Malkyr used the distration to charge the defender. The arbalester took aim at Killvilli and fired twice, missing both times. Killvilli rushed forward and hacked into it. The clay scout stung him with a spell.

The other defenders closed in on Hirb and Varian by the stairs.  Varian and Hirbe both cast beguiling strands, pummeling both defenders and knocking one back to the shallow pool. The other fell onto the stairs, prone before Hirbe.

Hirbe uttered a prayer and called on his deity, Clarissa for aid. A thunderclap sounded, and in a burst of flame, Clarissa herself appeared! She was a fire genasi with fire for hair, wielding a blazing falchion. She plunged her blade into the prone defender, nearly killing it. 

She stood between Hirbe and Varian. Varian was a follower of her enemy, Zev the Traitor. She said "I smell the stink of Zev!"

Varian said, "Damn right!". He took aim and cast an arc lightning spell, missing both of his targets.

Clarissa said, "Your aim seems to be off. Perhaps Zev has failed you!", and she chuckled.

Varian said, "I was out hugging all last night." ("hug" is PG slang for sweet, sweet lovemaking) He paused and said, "I want to hug you in the worst way."

Hirbe was angry at Varian. He channelled that anger to run and aid Killvilli by entering into melee combat with the arbalester.  Then he used his stinky mage hand to snatch up the ammo of the arbalester. He grabbed up all of its' bolts and tossed them into the pool!

Clarissa was impressed. She teleported next to Hirbe and commended him. She handed Killvilli a potion of life (which healed him for 50 hit points).

Varian yelled across the room, "Commend this!".

Malkyr was alone by the pool fighting a stone defender. He cracked it with one swing of his hexblade, and then destroyed it with a second swing. 

The clay scout struck Hirbe with a stinging beam. Killvilli raked the arbalester with a swing. Then he called upon Kava, who blessed him with freezing breath that destroyed the arbalester and froze the other stone guardian.

Clarissa chuckled and said, "Leave it to Kava not to get the job done!"

Hirbe shattered it. 

Varian yelled "Hey Clarissa, I got a job for you to do. As long as you don't tell Sal about this!"

Clarissa went silent and stared at Varian.

The eladrin said, "About time you started staring!".

Varian hit the clay scout with a magic missile. Malkyr then raced up and cut it in two, destroying it.

Clarissa teleported in front of Varian and held up her sword. She branded the eladrin's forehead and bestowed upon him the Curse of Clarissa.

Then she teleported next to Hirbe and kissed him on the cheek. With that, she disappeared in a fiery cloud.